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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Once again, Mahmood has created another great outlet for the Bahrain online community (to waste our time!). BahrainWiki is a place where we can collaboratively record all information about Bahrain.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the idea of a "wiki" click here, and also explore around Wikipedia as an example. In short though:

A Wiki or wiki (pronounced "wicky" or "veekee") is a website (or other hypertext document collection) that allows a user to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows that content to be edited by anybody.

BahrainWiki then is a place for us to collect as much information about Bahrain as possible. Personally, I am particularly interested in recording that information that has not been publicly recorded in the past, such as historic folk tales (1, 2), restaurant and business reviews, and underground modern culture. Hopefully, it will (given some time) become the ultimate resource for anyone who needs information about anything related to Bahrain.

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6 Responses to 'BahrainWiki'

Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl says:

Great idea.. since i was "off sick" today, i quite enjoyed studying the size and scope of the project and poking my nose here and there. It will be a great reference. I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope that it will be used in a responsible manner!    

Anonymous Anonymous says:

(off-topic) Congratulations on being nominated for Best Middle East or Africa Blog


Blogger Scorpio says:

For once I'm in agreement with Steve - many congratulations on the nomination.

I see you're too modest to post the link to the 2004 Web Log Awards on your site - so I'm gonna do it for you:


Make sure you vote for Chan'ad.    

Blogger sume says:
12/06/2004 11:35:00 pm

Congratulations, you got my vote, too!    

Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl says:
12/07/2004 09:22:00 am

Come on Chanad! Swim! Swim! Swim! Remember the story I told you about the chanad?    

Blogger injinuity says:
12/08/2004 10:55:00 pm

Great to see such good fraternity among the bahraini bloggers.. keep it up friends.    

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