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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Free Ali

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I will collect all the links to my posts related to the arrest of Ali Abdulemam (Bahrain blogger and moderator of the online forum BahrainOnline.org) in this post. To read more about the BahrainOnline arrests from other blogs and news sources check out the Free Ali blog.

You can get to this page by either using this permalink, or by the link in the "Musalsalat" section of my sidebar on the right. Here are the posts:

  • 11-May-05: WSJ on BahrainOnline
    Ali Abdulemam and BahrainOnline.org are the subject of an article on page A1 of today's Wall Street Journal: "Democracy Project in Bahrain Falters"

  • 03-May-05: Web registration commences
    Around 40 or 50 people showed up today in front of the Ministry of Information to protest its decision to press charges against the BahrainOnline trio. Although the three (Ali Abdulemam, Hussain Yousif and Mohammed Al-Mousawi) were released from prison in March, they still face charges for the material that was posted on their website, and are not allowed to leave the country.

  • 10-Apr-05: News roundup
    However, the charges against the BahrainOnline Trio still are still being pursued. So, on April 5, supporters held a protest in the Seef area demanding that the government drop its charges.

  • 14-Mar-05: Look Mum, no handcuffs!
    The BahrainOnline trio, free at last. From left to right: Syed Mohammed Al-Mousawi, Hussain Yousif, Ali Abdulemam

  • 14-Mar-05: Free!
    Apparently, the BahrainOnline Trio have been released without any bail (but the case against has not been dropped). In the coming days we can try to figure out the reasons why... was it because of the upcoming F-1 race? Did elements within the regime finally realize the flaws in their actions? Or is this just part of a pre-planned script?

  • 13-Mar-05: Trio refuses bail
    The Public Prosecutor has offered the BahrainOnline detainees (Ali, Hussain and Mohammed) to be released on bail for BD1,000 (US$2,650) while the case against them continues. The Trio have however refused the offer because their freedom would still be at the mercy of the Public Prosecution, who could re-arrest them later at its will. Instead the Trio have demanded their release without any conditions, and have opted to remain in prison until then.

  • 13-Mar-05: Protest from your living room
    Desert Island Boy shows us by example how to participate in the Free Ali campaign if you can't be physicially present at the protests.

  • 12-Mar-05: The movement rolls on
    The Public Prosecutor is due to announce tomorrow (Sunday) whether the detained BahrainOnline trio (Ali, Hussain, Mohammed) will be released, charged or detained for another 45 days for "further investigation". However, it seems like no one is expecting them to be released, and so a plan of action for the coming days has already been announced.

  • 10-Mar-05: Intimidation nation
    If you're in a hurry and you want to go straight to the pics then click here. Before the protest even began, 4 people were arrested. For what? No one knows. Half of Exhibition Avenue was blocked off by the police so that passers-by would not be able to see what's going on. The presiding officer demanded that the protest be called off but the organizers refused. So the goon patrol, all dressed up with helmets, shields and batons were dispatched to intimidate the crowd.

  • 10-Mar-05: Tonight
    Don't forget: tonight, 8pm, in front of Hoora Police station, on Exhibition Ave (map). Bring something coloured orange that you can wave around. And as Bahrania suggested, if you're concerned about your identity being revealed then wear a baseball cap and sunglasses... or if you feel creative then maybe dress up like this guy

  • 08-Mar-05: Free Ali: Protest on Thursday
    A demonstration will be held this Thursday evening (March 10) in support of the three detained BahrainOnline.org moderators Ali Abdulemam, Hussain Yousif and Mohammed Al-Mousawi. It will take place at 8pm in front of the Hoora police station (on Exhibition Avenue) where the three are being held.

  • 03-Mar-05: More on the 'Free Ali' campaign
    Two new items for the 'Free Ali' campaign from the Bahrain blogging community

  • 02-Mar-05: More about the charges
    I was just thinking... the government's beloved Formula 1 Race will be taking place in just a month's time. What were they thinking when they decided to make these arrests? Were they hoping that they'd be able to wrap up the case before the race?

  • 01-Mar-05: Free Ali: Protest #2
    As stated this morning, the second demonstration in support of the three detained BahrainOnline.org moderators was held this afternoon outside the Public Prosecution building. Again, because it was announced so late (this morning), and it was a weekday, the numbers were the same as yesterday's demonstration: about 50 people. But they did have plenty of signs today.

  • 01-Mar-05: "Free Ali" sidebar button
    If you don't want to use the "Free Ali" banner at the top of this page, then alternatively here is a button you can place in your sidebar

  • 01-Mar-05: Demonstration today
    There will be another demonstration in support of the detained BahrainOnline moderators today (Tuesday) at 3:30pm outside the Public Prosecutor's office in the Diplomatic Area.

  • 01-Mar-05: Free Ali, and Hussain, and Mohammed
    Bahrania has already posted the details about this, but just to make sure that everone visiting here is up to speed: as of this posting there are now a total of three moderators of BahrainOnline.org who are being held in Hoora prison.

  • 28-Feb-05: Free Ali
    Here are some of my photos from the demonstration in support of jailed blogger Ali Abdulemam

  • 28-Feb-05: Here we go again?
    This is totally unconfirmed, but a message has been posted on Montadayat.org claiming that Ali Abdulemam is going to be detained for a further 15 days. Apparently, he is being accused of violating the Press Law, spreading lies and provoking hatred towards the government.

  • 27-Feb-05: Bahraini blogger detained
    If you haven't read about it on Bahrania's blog yet, fellow Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam has reportedly been detained by Bahrain authorities. Although he doesn't blog too much but he does run BahrainOnline.org which is one of the most popular online forums in Bahrain.
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