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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Officer, arrest that rape victim!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Ugh... this stuff makes me sick. From today's GDN:

A maid who claims she was raped three times in 48 hours by two members of the same family was released yesterday after spending Saturday night in police custody.

She was handed over to members of the Migrant Workers Group (MWG) after being taken for medical tests in the morning.

However, an officer at Budaiya Police Station refused to say whether the men had been arrested or released. Sources say they were taken in for questioning at about 7pm on Saturday and were kept there at least until 3am yesterday.

The Bangladeshi woman, whose passport says she is 25, only arrived in Bahrain on Wednesday.

She was allegedly picked up from her aunt's house on Thursday by her sponsor's nephew, who she says raped her on the way to her sponsor's house, in Barbar.

The woman claims her sponsor's son also raped her while she slept in the kitchen in the early hours of Friday morning.

She says the son raped her again in the early hours of Saturday.

Her sponsor then returned the woman on Saturday, but her aunt called the police later the same day.

Sources described the family as being influential and said a member of the Public Prosecution was called to the police station on Saturday night.

"That is the first time we have heard of that happening," sources told the GDN.

"He spoke to her and the other people. Their whole extended family went there - including a relative who is a lawyer.

"As far as we know they were not detained, but she was."

Why is it that it's always the maid who is arrested immediately (for what crime I do not know), but the authorities are so casual when dealing with the employers/sponsors accused of rape and abuse?

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2 Responses to 'Officer, arrest that rape victim!'

Anonymous Anonymous says:

A couple of days ago, there was a news piece in Alayam Arabic newspaper about a maid who'd been sexually abusing a two year old!! Apparently, she's been forcing the child to "perform" certain acts to satisfy her sexual needs. Now THAT is sick.    

Blogger Angelo Embuldeniya (Strav) says:

well as far as I can see it, what u reported Anon and what chanad has on here is BOTH SICK!... anywayz... how come they don't report news like the one u saw in al ayam in the gdn?

I don't deny that there's 2 sides to a story.... but wheres the professionalism in dealing with both cases? none to be seen i guess...

interesting to see the MWG active and around at last after the binfire they went thru in september... well atleast they're doing something to help out ...... isn't the one u reported on chanad a case for the Bahrain Womens' Society & the 2nd one that Anon informed us about - a case for the Anti Child Abuse Society in Bahrain?

Where are these ppl when they're most needed... apart fromt he pics i see in the newspapers.. no actual responses from them... hence u see the MWG comin' to the rescue....    

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