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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Protest rally on Thursday

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The details of the car protest rally this Thursday in support of Al-Khawaja have been released. The BCHR website posted something this morning with the directions, but it was a bit confusing. I stole the above map from a thread at the Ahrar al-Bahrain discussion board which makes things much much clearer. Click here to see the full-size image with all of the directions, in Arabic. For those of you who don't understand Arabic, here are the instructions in English:

The rally will commence at 8pm and there will be four different starting points to serve people coming from different parts of the island:

People coming from Points 1, 2 & 4 will meet up at the Shaikh Khalifa Flyover and continue east along Shaikh Isa Highway, going past the American Embassy. They will meet up with the people coming from Point 3 at the junction with the Sitra Causeway. They will then go to Mina Salman and turn left on to Al-Fateh Highway eventually stopping near the Marina Club.

The cars will stay in the rightmost lane of the road only, and they will be bearing posters of Al-Khawaja.

As I mentioned yesterday, our joker MPs don't like the sight of all these protests and demonstrations, and especially slogans against certain individuals (i.e. the Prime Minister) (read the article in today's GDN). In that proud Bahraini tradition of brown-nosing these MPs just want to use this opportunity get into the good books of the rulers and continue their meaningless careers. I don't know how these MPs can criticize the demonstrators given their own records. In my eyes, the demonstrators are finally carrying out their important democratic responsibility of demanding their rights, rather than waiting for scraps to be thrown their way by the rulers. The MPs on the other hand have done absolutely nothing worthwhile for this country despite the fact that they get paid for what they do. They continue on their useless policies of giving away free money, trying to reduce working hours, and segregating the university. Jokers, the lot of them.

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1 Responses to 'Protest rally on Thursday'

Blogger Arsenal49 says:

Well, isn’t so hilarious that the same parliament that one day we went out protesting to ask for its existence, is the same one which apparently its about time that we go out again to protest against it’s performance and ridiculous decisions?

I have been following most of the parliament discussions and I can fairly say that the high majority of those 80 members are not the best of what Bahrain can provide. Isn’t shame on us here in Bahrain to let the outsiders’ judgment us based on the discussions inside the four walls of our highly respected parliament?

Do I think the boycotter were wrong? Really not sure as from their view, the government would have considered their contribution as an implicit approval from them for the unfair changes on the new constitution. Make no mistake here; the government holds all the cards:

- Media: (have Bahrain TV mentioned anything about A.Hadi case?, isn’t Manama closer than Falooja in Iraq ?)

- Press (Either directly or through the new *unfair* press law’s pressure)

-The demographical figures and facts (How else they can cover their fishy polices about awarding Bahrain nationality in an unconstitutional manner?)

-Large majority of religious men (Have you heard about the way the government selects the judges in the religious courts?)

- The Businesses (Government officials either own most of the business in this country or control the rest businessmen through their governmental power. Any one remembers Adel Flifal and what he did to the Bahraini-Iranian businessmen? Where is he now? ohh he is businessmen with millions of BDs)

-They even own us as human being. (Otherwise what do you call their generous giving only though our begging to them?)

Not pessimistic here but realistic, I know that we are still far away for creating a real justice in this country. Yes, we are better than many Arab countries (Which by the way set the worst world example in social justice), but we still have to fight and for those who thought that the new democratic wave in Bahrainis means that we became a democratic country, I’m sorry pals, we still have a long way to go.. Just be patient and optimistic!    

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