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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Al-Khawaja trial photos

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

While browsing through one of the many Bahraini discussion boards I came across some photos from Abdul-Hadi Al-Khawaja's court session on Saturday, and the associated demonstration. Click here to have a look (you have to scroll down a bit). Check out all of the security they had. I couldn't find the name of the photographer (please e-mail me if you know), but thanks whoever you are. Next court session is tomorrow morning.


Update (19-Oct-04): Our anonymous commenter tipped me off to where you can get the full set of pictures to which the one above belongs to, here. I also realized that you can see photos from all of the other previous events at the same site here. Why didn't anyone tell me about this site before?!! But anyhow, thanks for the tip Anon.

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3 Responses to 'Al-Khawaja trial photos'

Anonymous Anonymous says:

heres the link to the entire collection of that photographer (i posted earlier on this blog saying i'll get my camera dude to post them, unfortunately due to the high risk associated with these pics... i can not reveal sources): http://www.montadayat.org/activities/abumlaak/ma7kama/

I'm a former BCHR member but now i'm attached with the BHRS & the MWG who will become an idependent body licensed by the labor ministry in Bahrain soon.

In general picture coverage is by bahrain's local newspaper photographers, well if u aren't allowed to publish them in actual printed papers, the next best alternative is the internet :-)


Your Source From Inside The Ongoing Events.....    

Anonymous Anonymous says:

I don't know if you already saw this but there is a video of the protestors too


It is edited with background music which is very cheesy but doesnt detract from the anger of the Ba7rainis.    

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Ok the following links are for those viewers who can not read arabic, they're the pics from the entire courtroom session today (20-10-2004)


pics from 18-10-2004:

pics from 16-10-2004:

pics from 15-10-2004:

pics from 14-10-2004:

pics from 06-10-2004:

pics from 04-10-2004:

pics from 29-09-2004 (closing of bchr):

pics from 26-10-2004:

i will post the pics from 29-09-2004 wit arrows as to what the bchr center actually was, and the layout of the center later on, furthermore, i will mirror these images if for any reason the site mysteriously goes down over the weekend. :-).    

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