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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Detainees in for another 30 days

Monday, September 13, 2004

The latest news with regards to the case of the four remaining detainees is that they have been ordered to remain in custody for a further 30 days. They have been in custody for 60 days already. When the order was announced one of the detainees, Yasir Malik, sprinted out of court but turned himself in after an hour, having spent a short time with his wife and children.

I am a bit confused on one point. I claimed earlier that the detainees were being faced with charges, which was based on the Reuters article printed in the Khaleej Times. However, today's report by AP says that none have been charged yet (which seems to be the actual case). I'll try and get a confirmation of what the actual situation is soon.

But there is something so fishy about this case, especially because of the media blackout imposed. It feels so much like the Old Days when the Security Law was in place.

Here is the AP report via the Guardian:

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) - A terror suspect escaped from court Monday but surrendered an hour later. Yasir Kamal fled the High Court after hearing that the judge had ordered him to remain in custody another 30 days. ``Leave me! Don't touch me!'' he shouted as police tried to restrain him. Kamal turned himself in at a Manama police station after a brief visit with his wife and children, said his lawyer, Abdullah Hashem.

Kamal is one of six suspects who have been in and out of jail since June in connection with alleged terror plots in Bahrain and contacts with foreign terrorist organizations. None have been charged. Two were released without explanation on Saturday. On Monday a High Court judge ordered the other four held for 30 more days. Kamal was the only suspect who tried to flee, taking advantage of an uproar in the courtroom as friends and relatives protested the decision.

The Interior Ministry says investigators searched the six detainees' computers and found documents on making and using bombs and poisons. Defense lawyers say the men deny being involved in terror plots. Last month, authorities banned the media from publishing details of the investigation.

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1 Responses to 'Detainees in for another 30 days'

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Something does smell fishy with this case. What degree of an odor is another question. The IM claims the men (or some) had some "curious" information on their computers. Such as information about bombs and poisons. Why someone would want that info on ones computer (assuming the info is what it is said to be) is beyond me. Could be nothing at prima facia or it could be one spoke in a wheel of something larger. I don't know. Hence something smells fishy. I understand the need to CHARGE the suspects with a crime. Just to play DEVILS ADVOCATE, by making public charges, in theory you could be tipping your hand to the bigger fish.    

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