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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Here we go again

Sunday, September 12, 2004

This story just keeps repeating itself over and over again... I don't know why I keep posting it. I've lost track of how many times these guys have been rearrested and released. The last thing that happened was that after completing their 45 days under custody they were ordered to remain in custody for a further 15 days. As the article below reports, two of the six men have been released without any explanation, and a court session today will determine whether the remaining four will also be released. The charges against the men have not been removed though, so expect this story to continue going around in the same circle a bit longer.

The most frustrating thing about this all is the media blackout about this story that has been imposed on all local media outlets. What does the government have to hide here?

Well, here is the Reuters report published in yesterday's Khaleej Times:

MANAMA - Bahrain on Saturday released from prison two of six Islamists held for two months, but they still face charges over alleged links to Al Qaeda, one of their lawyers said. The six were arrested in mid-July and charged with plotting to blow up government and foreign targets in pro-US Bahrain -- headquarters of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet. The raid followed US warnings of possible militant attacks on US and Western interests in Bahrain and an order for non-emergency defence personnel and their families to evacuate the Gulf Arab island state.

“The two were freed without any explanations. The prosecutors still have the right to put them under arrest whenever they want,” lawyer Abdullah Hashim told Reuters. “The court will hold a special session tomorrow and may order the other four released. But they will continue to face the charges,” said Hashim, who represents four of the suspects.

Hopefully I'll be able to let you know about the fate of the remaining four detainees byt tomorrow.

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1 Responses to 'Here we go again'

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Sadly, you won't be able to post the fate of the remaing four men by tommorow. The court session was postponed for tommorow and no one knows why. There has been negotiations between the Bahraini and American government about the six arrested men and I think the best they could do so far is release two of them. Who knows what the fate of remaining four (including my brother) will be.
In the end, American will decide. What's going on in the courts is all a staged play. A new form of drama.
- Sparkle in my eyes    

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