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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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More blogs from Bahrain?!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Yes, that's right. It seems like new Bahraini blogs are popping up everyday. It's great. So here they are:

  • Shoufy the cat: "Read about Shoufy, the cat, that lives in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is our little way to try to promote good feelings about life in the Middle East."
  • The Special Correspondent:  "describes the life of an American expat living in the Middle East, in all its glory. As such, it covers numerous subjects: politics, the war on terrorism, religion, books, movies, family, and anything else that strikes my fancy."
  • The Fantom!!! Fries Nightly too:  "Another nutcase from the cultural mix called Bahrain"
  • Garden of Eternity: [No description provided]
  • 55disk: [I'm not sure if this is a Bahrain based blog, but it is a photoblog with lots pictures of the island]

So, uh,.. keep 'em coming.

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3 Responses to 'More blogs from Bahrain?!'

Anonymous Anonymous says:

hi there thanks for the link to 55disk, yep I'm based in bahrain a UK expat. Good to see some other blogs for baharain, will be back here often to read your posts..    

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Thanks for these! I also have a diary site based in Bahrain on the web but I keep it private.    

Blogger The Fantom!!! says:

Truly enjoyed reading your blog.
Maybe we should smoke sheesha sometime ;)    

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