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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Rally against torture this Friday

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
There's going to be a rally this Friday to raise awareness of the need to denounce torture. I'm not sure exactly who is leading the rally and why, but I do hope it isn't over politicized by the societies. By which I mean that I hope the focus of the rally isn't partisan, but is used to denounce torture in all its forms, regardless of whether it was carried out against Bahrainis, Iraqis, Americans, Bangladeshis or anyone else. But it does seem quite obvious what the political stance may well be, seeing that Al Wefaq is taking part, while Al Asalah is not. I encourage everyone to show up anyways though. A map of the venue is here.

Also, if anyone has any more details about the event then please post a comment.

The article from the GDN:
A peaceful rally will be held next to the United Nations House, Hoora, on Friday starting at 5pm.

Eleven civil societies, including political and human rights organisations, will take part in the rally marking the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.

The objective of the rally is to make people aware of the importance of bringing torturers and human rights violators to justice, promoting fair national reconciliation, compensating and rehabilitating victims of torture.

Taking part in the rally are Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, Bahrain Human Rights Society, Bahrain Society for Freedoms and Support of Democracy, the National Committee for Martyrs and Victims of Torture, Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, Islamic Action Society, National Democratic Action Society, Islamic Arab Democratic Society (Al Wasat), Progressive Democratic Forum Society, Pan Arab Democratic Society and the Bahrain Bar Society.
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4 Responses to 'Rally against torture this Friday'

Anonymous Anonymous says:

I'm not familiar enough with the political parties in Bahrain to understand your caution. Are you thinking it is about the torture of Iraqis? Isn't the fact that the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights a good sign? Thanks, Marlene    

Anonymous Anonymous says:

What are Al-Wefaq and its National Committee for “Martyrs” doing at a rally in support of human rights?

These clerics are directly responsible for inciting the human rights abuses that led to the cancellation of Big Brother, the attack on concert goers attending the Ajram gig and the rampages against Indian labourers back in March. These Islamists are about as genuine talking about human rights as Khomeini was when he raised the issue before he got into power and promptly massacred his enemies. As far as they’re concerned its just a meaningless rhetorical tool.

As for the demo though I think its really positive, I just wouldn’t allow any of these thugs anywhere near the event.    

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Thought that's what it meant; hope Chan'ad will keep everyone updated on the event. Pictures would be great, but.....stay safe.

Blogger Chanad says:
6/24/2004 01:37:00 am

The word "torture" has is loaded with political connotations in Bahrain. Prior to the political reforms that have taken place recently, many of the Shia' insurgents were tortured by the Bahraini government. Sadly, today it seems that the Shia' Islamist political societies sometimes use the topic of this torture as a political tool against their Salafi Islamist opponents.

My hope is that Friday's demo is used to denounce all torture and not as a political tool for one specific group. Will do my best to get some pics for you if I can.    

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