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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Rumours on the Internets

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I couldn't fall asleep last night, so I switched on the telly to watch the second Presidential debate. While the first debate last week was really quite boring, this one was much more engaging and aggressive. One thing though that I really enjoyed were the Bush gaffes. I didn't catch any during the first debate, and actually, he's been doing okay during his term as president. I seem to remember some great lines during his campaigning in 2000 and his first few months in office. Well yesterday he was back in action dropping some hilarious lines for us to enjoy, just like back in the good ol' days. Below are the ones that I noticed.

"I hear there's rumors on the Internets that we're going to have a draft."

Regarding US troops stationed abroad he said that "we need to be lighter and quicker and more facile and highly trained."

Speaking about the question of re-importing drugs from Canada he said:
"And what my worry is is that, you know, it looks like it's from Canada, and it might be from a third world." From where? Mars?

And my favourite...He said in response to a question about the environment: "I've got a plan to increase the wetlands by 3 million." Hahaha... It's not only what he said but the way he said it that made it so funny. The line was obviously something that his advisors made him memorize but he couldn't recall it properly, so it sounded more like: "I've got a plan to increase the wetlands by... uhh" ... short pause... light bulb appears above Dubya's head... "3 million!"

Let's hope that Dubya has some more in store for us during the third and final debate on Wednesday. In the meanwhile, did any of you pick out any gaffes that I missed? Let me know.

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2 Responses to 'Rumours on the Internets'

Anonymous Anonymous says:

i've been following your blog for a couple of months now (and never once noted you, how strange!) and i wanted to say keep it up, i really enjoy reading what's going on in bahrain while i'm away from my own country... i especially love the pictures you keep on posting, so keep it up Chan'ad, you're giving people like me an insight on what we're missing...    

Blogger Chanad says:

Thanks !    

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