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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Kuwaiti fantasies

Monday, August 30, 2004

Mama Fusla across in Kuwait has put up a list of hilarious fantasies:

  1. 'Shute down liberation towers in a Niqab & 3abat.
  2. Repel down Water Towers in Bayan wearing traditional old diver's customs (remember Yamshi 3ala Al Danna v-clip?)
  3. Storm into the Parliment during MP's naptime, wrapped up in Kuwaiti flag, blow some gas horns and walk out.
  4. Storm into 99.7 at 7:00 AM on a weekday, dressed up as a Nissan Altima and have a head-on collision with Linda.

I'd love to see someone apply No.3 to our own Parliament in Bahrain. Or maybe pull a No.4 on Krazy Kevin.

On another note, Kuwait has a really active blogging scene. You can see the entire list of Kuwaiti blogs at KuwaitBlogs.com, but some of my favourites among them are:

And I'm sure there are many more that I haven't checked out yet. But they have some really interesting and funny discussions about Kuwaiti culture. Worth a read.

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1 Responses to 'Kuwaiti fantasies'

Blogger Abdusalaam says:

Now that you mention it, in comparison to other Arab countries, kuwait does have an active blogging scene. Some might say it's because Kuwait is relatively more liberal and wealthier from the rest of the Arab countries. And if that is the case, then how come I don't know any blogs from UAE or Qatar? They're equally liberal and wealthier in my view.    

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