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Chan'ad Bahraini

(Scomberomorous maculatus Bahrainius)

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Depleting greenbelt

Monday, June 07, 2004

Here's some more stuff I dug up from my photo archive. A year and half back, I got up on top of the Bahrain Fort and took a series of photos covering the entire 360º view that I got from that point. When I got back home I pieced the pictures together making one big picture for the full circle. Because of the large width of the image file, I had to split it up in to four files before I could share them with you. Each file covers approximately 90º of the view. The first file starts facing approximately East, and ends up approximately South. This clockwise movement continues for each of the files, until we end up facing East again at the end of the fourth file. Well here they are:
File 1 (jpeg 204 KB)
File 2 (jpeg 175 KB)
File 3 (jpeg 224 KB)
File 4 (jpeg 214 KB)

One thing you will notice after looking at these pictures is that there is a thick lush greenbelt of palm trees and other vegetation running parallel to the northen coast of the island. I assume that this is the region where most of the fresh water springs were located and which was first irrigated for farming.

Unfortunately, today these palm forests are fast depleting. It's quite sad to see some very very old palm trees which are in an unhealthy state. There must be so much history and so many stories associated with each palm. When I see a wilting palm I am often reminded of the old men I often see wandering around with no one to look after them. The palm trees have already disappeared from our coins, but I hope we can do something to make sure that they do not vanish altogether.
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Anonymous Anonymous says:

wow! beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing them.    

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